Known as the “Pioneer” of modern professional haircolor specialization, in the early 60’s, Leland was one of
the very first colorists in the world, focused only on haircolor. He was the voice and an advocate for the importance of departmentalized color departments in salons, establishing one of the first color departments
and training multiple haircolor specialists. In 1972, Leland and his business partner, Michael Mazzei opened
THE COLOR SALON at NuBest & Co. It is the world’s largest color department, with a daylight space and
over 30 colorists, in one of the largest salons in the world. Leland is the innovator behind many important inventions and trends in the industry. He is an inventor of haircolor techniques and specialization, a speaker, artist and businessman. Leland’s accomplishments have taken him from the laboratory to the salon, the classroom,
the stage, the photo studio and the corporate boardroom.